What is AI?

Ryan Hromiak |


What is AI?

By Ryan Hromiak


AI, otherwise known as Artificial Intelligence, is a new concept that is shaping the way tasks are completed, knowledge is acquired, and even how opportunities are created. Artificial Intelligence is essentially its own super smart computer brain that can learn, reason, and problem-solve ideas that are placed upon it. AI can be found anywhere these days, whether it is in a car, a cell phone, or even a refrigerator. The convenience behind this technology is the basis of giving humanized work to a coded computerized program and having it assist, or even complete the task for the person of interest.


AI is most commonly used as an automatic coding method found in forms such as navigation, personal contact recommendations on streaming devices, and fraud detection services. While a good portion of AI is found within these concepts, it can also be accessed for personal use within sources such as Chat GPT, Snapchat AI, and other search engines.


Chat GPT, launched in late 2022, is a programmed app and website that allows users to have a human-like conversation with AI. Chat GPT can essentially provide users with any knowledge coming from the internet whether it is in a question/answer format or a command. Some of the specific abilities of this AI form include coding, composing music, solving problems, creating prompts, and many more. All the user has to do is type out the task they seek for Chat GPT to accomplish and it will respond in seconds. 


Snapchat AI is another type of chat based AI. In late April, of 2023, snapchat released the feature to all users. It appears at the top of everyone's chat feed, acting as another user called “myai.” People have the capability to text myai and have human-like conversations with it. Similarly to ChatGPT, myai can answer questions, provide advice, and even answer commands. This feature is free to all users and can be a very helpful source of information. 


AI can also be used in the form of a search engine. Users can go to the various AI search engines such as ‘Andi Search’ and ‘YOU AI Search Engine’ to gather desired information.With the incredible mind of AI, information can be provided to the user instantly after typing the prompt into these applications. This fast and convenient way of research is why we are seeing AI become very popular at a rapid pace.


While it seems so helpful and glorious, AI also has a dangerous aspect to it. Artificial intelligence is becoming more sophisticated every single day. At the rate it is developing, many people fear that it will have the ability to take over human work. It is not a literal fear that AI will physically come alive and harm humans, but it is possible that human reliance on it could dramatically increase to the point of AI overpowering humans. Currently, the psychological abilities of AI are far more advanced than the average human mind. AI essentially knows everything that humankind coded into it, making it one body of all knowledge. 


One of the most popular concerns for humans in regards to AI is job loss. Because of the mass efficiency of AI, it only saves money and time for companies to replace employees with it. When a technological task that takes a human hours takes AI seconds, it is a no brainer to which a company would rather have. Fields such as accounting and law seem most vulnerable to an AI takeover. Another potential concern are scams through the works of AI. Artificial intelligence has the power to act as a virus in peoples technological possessions, that could potentially steal personal information. This builds a scary form of anti-trust with our technology as it advances. Human laziness is also something that is a concerning factor of AI. It is convenient for a person to use sources such as ChatGPT to do work for them. If people have the option to incorporate this into their daily tasks, many will choose to and a form of laziness can become prevalent. 


All in all, AI, or Artificial Intelligence is a very important matter in today’s society. It is always changing, improving, and even being introduced to new platforms every day. While artificial intelligence is definitely something that could become a major factor in the way people live their lives, it could possibly become too much of a factor, creating reliance. Regardless, AI is a very useful tool accessible by all, and could be the next step in globalization. 


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